free classes for students on vacations/ PG-ASPIRANTS

I don't charge any fees from students who had come to India on vacations or those who are preparing for PG exams. If seats are vacant in class, they can come and attend. Of course, they need to show some proof that they belong to the above categories & they need to take prior permission.


1. I am visiting Medical Universities abroad to teach ANATOMY/ MEDICINE, for FREE, to medical students in their medical school days (especially to exam-going batch). So that, when they come back to India for FMGE, they don't find the things tough & difficult to understand. Coordinate with your University administrators to make arrangements for this FREE ANATOMY/ MEDICINE class. I just need administrators permission & lecture hall. I will manage all my expenses by my own (though I will be more than happy, if students/ College administration can manage for my travelling, staying & food expenses). Moreover, I don't need any money for these classes.


2. I would be taking FREE ANATOMY/ MEDICINE classes in Delhi also. (in the month of May & November) Those interested can leave a message as DELANAT/ DELMED on my WhatsApp number (8470004333). Since my classroom is small (seating capacity of 25 only), all aspirants would be assigned a study group. Allotment would be done on early come, early serve basis.

paid courses


  • Days of teaching: At least 3 days per week
  • Content of class:
    • Friday: Short notes based on important topics
    • Monday: 25-50 one-liners
    • Thursday: 25-50 MCQs based test (Also shared on my Youtube channel)
  • Mode of teaching: PDF matter shared in WhatsApp group.
  • Fees: 1200 INR (To be paid at once). 
  • Books are NOT included in the fees. Books had to be purchased separately.
  • This course is FREE for my old students & for students joining Test & Discussion or Theory classes for a particular session.



  • Day of test: Friday
  • Duration of test & discussion: Around 1 hour
  • Duration of course: From day of joining till exam
  • Content of test: Subject wise, MCQs based test
  • Mode of teaching: Classroom & Online@Skype
  • Fees: 200 INR/ month for Classroom & 600 INR/ month for Online@Skype course.
  • Books are NOT included in the fees. Books had to be purchased separately.
  • FREE enrollment to E-postal course



  • Days of teaching: Wednesday & Friday (if needed, days of teaching can be increased up to 4 days a week)
  • Duration of class: Around 3 hours
  • Duration of course: From day of joining till exam
  • Content of class: Basic theoretical concepts focusing on NBE pattern MCQs.
  • Mode of teaching: Classroom & Online@Skype
  • Online@Skype course is reserved for my old classroom theory batch students or their references.  
  • Fees: 2,500 INR/ month for Classroom & 5,000 INR/ month for Online@Skype course.
  • Number of students in one batch: 25
  • 50% OFF for my old students (who had previously joined classroom or Online@Skype course). Discount is NOT valid for previous batches E-postal or Test & Discussion students.
  • drkamalkv's LMR series (all 20 titles) would be provided for FREE to Classroom students (Need to collect from Delhi classroom) & Online@Skype course students (They can get these books by paying courier charges). 
  • FREE enrollment to E-postal course + Test & Discussion course



  • I take classes as per ONE SUBJECT A WEEK schedule & we follow TITLES BASED STUDY approach.
  • Enough time is provided to students to prepare by their own & hence my classes are good for those, who prefer self-study approach.
  • Monday to Wednesday: Students are supposed to read (at least) LMR of that particular subject, which would be provided for FREE by me.
  • Wednesday's THEORY class would be based on LMR.
  • Thursday & Friday: Students are supposed to go through MCQs of SELF ASSESSMENT & REVIEW OF FMGE book for that particular subject.
  • Friday's TEST & DISCUSSION would be based on SELF ASSESSMENT & REVIEW OF FMGE.
  • Saturday & Sundays are reserve days (students can finish one-liners of that particular subject from MCQ POINTS book or they can go through NEET-PG level MCQs of that subject from MASTERING NEET SERIES book).


schedule: june 2019 session

session & RESULTS

This list has been prepared with utmost honesty. Only those candidates are considered in the list, who studied in that particular session only. There are many students who joined in one session, didn't passed & then left the classes. And then they passed in next attempt without joining my classes. Such students are not considered in passing list of my students.  Some students come for few days but leave the classes in between. I would not count them as my students, even if they pass. I welcome any addition/ deletion to this list. I am sure, only addition can be done to this list :-)



March 2012:

Number of successful students: 14

Batch topper: Shubhasish Maiti  (186)

September 2012:

Number of successful students: 49

Batch topper: Sabna (230)



March 2013:

Number of successful students: 87

Batch topper: Harris (214)

September 2013:

Number of successful students: 73

Batch topper: Sandeep Chahar (203)



June 2014:

Number of successful students: 10

Batch topper: ??

December 2014:

Number of successful students: 30 

Batch topper: Vishakh Gangadharan (191)



June 2015:

Number of successful students: 38

Batch topper: Khushbu (190)

December 2015:

Number of successful students: 24

Batch topper: Nimisha (184)



June 2016:

Number of successful students: 29

Batch topper: ??

December 2016:

Number of successful students: 16

Batch topper: Bala chandran (184)



June 2017:

Number of successful students: 07

Batch topper: Sayonika Pratihaar (165)

December 2017:

Number of successful students: 21

Batch topper: Nishit Vadaviya (188)



June 2018:

Number of successful students: 45

Batch topper: Poonam Sharma (200)

December 2018:

Number of successful students: 15

Batch topper: Nandini Bhattacharya (196)