online@SKYPE class

Simple steps to join online@Skype course

  • Make payment for the desired course (ask for bank details)
  • Make your skype id
  • Email/ Whatsapp@8470004333, me your skype id or mail id used for creating skype id. I will send u a friend request. Please accept that or else search me by my mail id i.e. (look for vasudeva logo on my Skype account) and send me a request.
  • Send me transaction details on my email
  • You will be added to the class group. Also make sure, you are added to the WhatsApp class group as well
  • Please keep your microphone OFF during the class. So that only my voice is heard and background noise from your side does not disturb other participants. If there is any confusion, ask in group. Somebody might help.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection of good speed (at least 1 Mbps)
  • Before calling, I will put a countdown message like 3....................2................1. After this message only, the class will start. So if you have any doubt whether the class has started or not, search for this countdown message first.  
  • Once I make a call, please accept audio call only (No need to switch on the video call).
  • Make sure your Skype version is updated (Don't use Skype lite version).
  • Please close all other tabs while attending class
  • Use headphones for better experience
  • Anytime you are disconnected from the class, please do not call me. Instead click join call button. 
  • Once the class starts, dont message me on Skype. Rather message me in course WhatsApp group.
  • Never initiate a call in group. Let me make a call and you please receive. 
  • Read troubleshooting segment on skype
  • Maximum of 24 students only  (for a particular course). Selection on 'early pay, early serve' basis. Those who will pay the fees early will get the seat reserved.


session & RESULTS

This list has been prepared with utmost honesty. Only those candidates are considered in the list, who studied in that particular session only. There are many students who joined in one session, didn't passed & then left the classes. And then they passed in next attempt without joining my classes. Such students are not considered in passing list of my students.  Some students come for few days but leave the classes in between. I would not count them as my students, even if they pass. I welcome any addition/ deletion to this list. I am sure, only addition can be done to this list :-)

March 2012:

Number of successful students: 14

Batch topper: Shubhasish Maiti  (186)

September 2012:

Number of successful students: 49

Batch topper: Sabna (230)

March 2013:

Number of successful students: 87

Batch topper: Harris (214)

September 2013:

Number of successful students: 73

Batch topper: Sandeep Chahar (203)

June 2014:

Number of successful students: 10

December 2014:

Number of successful students: 30 

Batch topper: Vishakh Gangadharan (191)

June 2015:

Number of successful students: 38

Batch topper: Khushbu (190)

December 2015:

Number of successful students: 24

Batch topper: Nimisha (184)

June 2016:

Number of successful students: 29

December 2016:

Number of successful students: 16

Batch topper: Bala chandran (184)

June 2017:

Number of successful students: 07

Batch topper: Sayonika Pratihaar (165)

December 2017:

Number of successful students: 21

Batch topper: Nishit Vadaviya (188)

June 2018:

Number of successful students: 45

Batch topper: Poonam Sharma (200)