available courses

Course  Duration (Frequency of classes)Starts Ideal for Fees 


1 month (Once a week) 1st of January/ 1st of July 

Only for students in DELHI

2. E-POSTAL THEORYDay of joining the course till FMGE is cleared (One time payment)Can be joined anytime Students who can't attend lectures but wish to get theory notes as PDF6,000
3. CLASS-ROOM THEORY 2-6 months (Once a week)1st of January/ 1st of JulyStudents who wish to attend DELHI classroom lectures or  who are staying close to Delhi and can travel all the way to Delhi to attend weekly classes (usually Sundays)12,000 
4. ONLINE (SKYPE) THEORY 2-6 months (Once a week)1st of January/ 1st of JulyStudents who are Ex-Delhi, but wish to attend online lectures 18,000
5. PAY PER SUBJECT 1-4 lectures in total (depending upon the subject)Anytime Students, who dont want to take the entire package & who wish to attend classes for limited subjects 1000-3000 depending upon the subject 



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  • 25 students in one batch
  • Entry into class on "First come-first serve basis". Students can prebook the seat
  • Class days: Saturday/ Sunday or both days (depending on subject)
  • Duration of classes: Maximum 2 hours in one sitting
  • E-postal is FREE for courses number 3 & 4
  • Study matter will be provided for FREE
  • 50% DISCOUNT for old students (classroom theory course) for courses 3 & 4
  • Online payments preferred

tentative schedule december fmge


This list has been prepared with utmost honesty. Only those candidates are considered in the list, who studied in that particular session only. There are many students who joined in one session, didn't passed & then left the classes. And then they passed in next attempt without joining my classes. Such students are not considered in passing list of my students.  Some students come for few days but leave the classes in between. I would not count them as my students, even if they pass. I welcome any addition/ deletion to this list. I am sure, only addition can be done to this list :-)


March 2012:

Number of successful students: 14

Batch topper: Shubhasish Maiti, China  (186)

September 2012:

Number of successful students: 49

Batch topper: Sabna (230)


March 2013:

Number of successful students: 87

Batch topper: Harris (214)

September 2013:

Number of successful students: 73

Batch topper: Sandeep Chahar (203)



June 2014:

Number of successful students: 10

Batch topper: ??


December 2014:

Number of successful students: 30 

Batch topper: Vishakh Gangadharan (191)



June 2015:

Number of successful students: 38

Batch topper: Khushbu, Bangladesh (190)


December 2015:

Number of successful students: 24

Batch topper: Nimisha (184)



June 2016:

Number of successful students: 29

Batch topper: ??


December 2016:

Number of successful students: 16

Batch topper: Bala chandran (184)



June 2017:

Number of successful students: 07

Batch topper: Sayonika Pratihaar, Nepal (165)


December 2017:

Number of successful students: 21

Batch topper: Nishit Vadaviya, Nepal (188)



June 2018:

Number of successful students: 45

Batch topper: Poonam Sharma (200)


December 2018:

Number of successful students: 15

Batch topper: Nandini Bhattacharya, Nepal (196)