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I am helping students preparing for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination/ Screening examination through my books & my (charity) coaching classes, singly, since 2011.

My first book

In the year 2009, I started working on my popular book SELF ASSESSMENT & REVIEW OF FMGE/ MCI SCREENING EXAM. After working for nearing 18 months, first edition of this book was released on 18.01.2011. And by God grace & students support, it was a great hit.

How I started my classes

After the release of my book in 2011, students were very impressed and they continuously forced me to start coaching classes. But since, I do not want to make it a money affair, I took my time. I don't want to involve any other faculty in my classes so that fees can be kept minimum possible. Also I do not like anyone to interfere in my style of working. After taking a long time, I launched my classes on 07.12.2011.

free fmge classes


  • All online lectures on my App
  • Monday to Friday; evening 8 pm - 9 pm IST
  • Classes would be conducted till exam (as per the schedule)
  • To join 'FREE CLASSES' course in store, the link is
  • In this course, class lecture recordings would be available for review, only for 24 hours. For later review, one need to subscribe to any of the package courses (1 month/ 6 months/ 12 months).

My mobile App

Click on to the following link:

schedule: FMGE december 2021

Big thanks

I would like to thank all my dear students, who have supported all my efforts blindly. I am also thankful to thousands of people, whom I have never seen, but who had wished for my success & well being.


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WhatsApp & Mobile: +91 8470004333

Facebook page/ Youtube/ Twitter/ Instagram: Drkamalkvgroup 

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My first book

Some of my popular books

How I started my classes

Free FMGE classes

My mobile App

Schedule: FMGE Dec 2021

Big thanks 

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My classroom's location 

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My contact details 

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