1. Time of appearance of post-dural puncture headache: 12-24 hours of spinal anesthesia 
  2. Most commonly used local anesthetic: Lignocaine 
  3. Side effect of prilocaine: Methemoglobinemia 
  4. Magills circuit is also known as: Mapleson A circuit 
  5. Pin index of nitrous oxide: 3,5 
  6. Purpose of Pin index safety mechanism in anesthesia machines: To prevent wrong attachment of cylinders
  7. Most cytotoxic local anesthetic agent is: Bupivacaine 
  8. In Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation in adults, what is the compression depth: 2 inches 
  9. Intravenous anesthetic agent used in renal failure is: Atracurium 
  10. Why Sellick's manoeuvre is done: To prevent gastric aspiration

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