1. Spaghetti and meatball appearance ob KOH microscopy suggest the diagnosis of: Pityriasis versicolor
  2. HPV 16 & 11 are associated with: Condyloma acuminata
  3. Satellite lesions are seen in which type of leprosy: Borderline tuberculoid 
  4. Exclamation mark hairs are seen in: Alopecia areata 
  5. Patch test is done for: Contact dermatitis
  6. Trichophyton infects which area of body: Skin, hair & nails 
  7. What is the size of a papule: <5 mm
  8. Groove sign is seen in: Lymphogranuloma venerum 
  9. Pathergy test is used in which condition: Behcet disease 
  10. Most common cause of toxic epidermal necrolysis/ TEN: Drugs 

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