1. Vertebra prominens: C7 spine 
  2. Arterial supply of fundus of stomach: Splenic artery 
  3. Level of starting of inferior vena cava: L5
  4. Length of inguinal canal: 3.75 cm
  5. Guyon's canal is related to which nerve: Ulnar
  6. Upper border of thyroid cartilage is at which vertebral level: Cervical 4
  7. Afferent component of corneal reflex is mediated by which nerve: Ophthalmic nerve 
  8. Styloid process is derived from which pharyngeal arch: 2nd arch 
  9. Foramen of Munro connects which ventricles: Lateral ventricle to the third ventricle 
  10. Which chamber of heart lies posterior to sternum: Right ventricle 
  11. In which carpal bone, first primary ossification centre appears: Capitate 
  12. Which structure is known as policemen of the abdomen: Greater omentum 
  13. Cochlear nuclei is which type of nuclei: Special somatic afferent 
  14. Type of joint present in growth plate: Primary cartilaginous 
  15. PCT of kidney develops from: Metanephric tubules 
  16. Angle of jaw is supplied by which nerve: Greater auricular nerve 
  17. Dangerous area of face is drained by: Angular vein 
  18. Which artery supplies hindgut: Inferior mesenteric artery 
  19. Splenic artery is a branch of: Celiac axis 
  20. Root value of musculocutaneous nerve: C5, C6, C7 

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