1. Drug of choice for maniac-depressive illness: Lithium 
  2. Cocaine bugs/ tactile hallucinations/ Magnan symptoms are seen in: Cocaine poisoning 
  3. Therapeutic level of lithium: 08-1.2 mEq/ L
  4. Prevalence of schizophrenia in community: 1%
  5. Most common type of hallucinations: Auditory
  6. Most common cause of impotency in male: Psychogenic 
  7. Most common cause of DALY's (Disability Adjusted Life Year) worldwide: Depressive disorder 
  8. Familiar person replaced by impostor is: Capgrass syndrome
  9. Pseudodementia is a feature of: Depression
  10. Intelligence Quotient in severe mental retardation: 21-34  

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