1. Investigation of choice to detect minimal pleural effusion: USG 
  2. Bird beak tapering/ pencil tip is a feature of: Achalasia cardia 
  3. X-ray feature of pericardial effusion: Money bag/ flask shaped/ leather bottle heart
  4. Half life of Iodine-131: 8 days 
  5. Inventor of MRI: Laterbuer & Mansfield 
  6. Gadolinium is a contrast agent used for which imaging technique: MRI 
  7. Hampton's hump is a radiological feature of: Pulmonary embolism 
  8. Investigation of choice for Gastrinoma/ Zollinger Ellison Syndrome: Endoscopic USG
  9. Palla sign is defined as: Enlarged right descending pulmonary artery
  10. Colon-cut off sign is seen in: Pancreatitis 

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