My group

I manage all the things by my own, singly (some students call me 1-man army). I prefer to write books by my own, love to teach all subjects singly, manage this website according to my wish etc. Many times people wonder when I am doing all the things by my own, why I use the word 'group' then? Usually group stands for few people working together. Actually there are thousand of students with me. Whatever they guide, I do as per that and whatever I do, they are the best judge of my work. So indirectly me and my students are working in harmony as a group (though not visible to others) and therefore I prefer to use the word 'drkamalkvgroup', instead of 'drkamalkv'. Because without the  unconditional support of students (for books, classes etc.), there would have been no existence of 'drkamalkv' alone.


Objective of drkamalkvgroup can be depicted from the logo (Vasudeva carrying Lord Krishna).
I feel honored, to help Foreign Medical Graduates cross this barrier (FMGE/ Screening exam) just as Vasudeva took Lord Krishna across the river.

My approach

I will try my level best to utilize my knowledge and passion for the betterment of Foreign Medical Graduates community following the path of truth, honesty & dedication, keep myself away from greed, selfishness or professional jealousy (with other coaching classes/ teachers/ authors). 
Present day data of passing % in FMGE, may look a little disappointing but I'm sure, with everyone's support, one day the scenario will surely change.  

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One can follow my Facebook page Drkamalkvgroup for important updates regarding FMGE/ NEXT, my books and my classes.

BIG thanks

I would like to thank each & every FMG for supporting & appreciating my work and everyone else,  who had wished for my well-being and success.